Koh Kong, the province of nature, so called for its wild rain forests, oceans, rivers, mountains and mangroves as  a true natural wonderland matched by charming people, great foods, and a wonderful climate.
Here is 6 places to visit in Koh Kong Cambodia:

Koh Yor Beach


The riverside is all very well, but if you’re craving sun, sand and sea, then you could either take a trip out to Koh Kong Island or, much more easily, hop on a moto over to Koh Yor beach on the other side of the Thai Bridge.



Seven or eight kilometres outside of Koh Kong city is an enormous mangrove forest where visitors can observe the delicate ecosystem that locals (and probably an NGO or two) have turned into a thriving ecotourism project.

Dong Tong Market


Tucked away towards the southern end of the street to the west of Street 3 (towards the river) where it intersects with Street 2, Dong Tong Market is worth a trip if you’re looking for anything from snacks, fresh fruit, a bowl of noodle soup — we’re told the stalls on the street outside are very good for this, provided you’re not too overly hung up on things like hygiene — clothes, or gold jewellery.

Tatai River and Waterfall


The Tatai River meanders through the Cardamom Mountains, for the most part with a gentle flow that belies its 20-metre depth, and in some places with a thunderous roar as the riverbed drops away to form cascading waterfalls

Koh Kong Island


Koh Kong Island is a lovely day-trip to make from town where you can be left in splendid isolation to frolic on squeaky sands pretty much all to yourself.

Cardamom Mountains and Trekking


The Cardamom Mountains are a huge range that extend from Koh Kong province where it borders Thailand up to Pursat in central Cambodia and across to the Damrei Mountains, near the border with Vietnam.